Nemzetközi WS szimpózium 2005

International Williams Syndrome Symposium

June 25, 2005, Fonyód, Hungary


Morning session: chairperson: Pléh Csaba

09:00-09:40 Memory functions in Williams syndrome.

(Racsmány M., Lukács Á., & Pléh Cs.)

09:45-10:25 Lack of sleep – Lack of learning in WS?

(Kovács I., Pogány G., Kozma P.)

10:30-11:10 Memory profiles in children with Williams syndrome

(Vicari S., Finzi A, Carlesimo G.A.)

11:15-11:55 Numerical abilities in Williams Syndrome

(Krajcsi A, Racsmány M, Igács J, Pléh Cs.)

12:00-12:40 Behavioural and personality characteristics of adolescents and adults with WS.

(K. Jariabková, I. Ruisel, V. Bzdúch)

Afternoon session: chairperson: Kovács Ilona

14:00-14:40 Using Hungarian language as a tool to clarify language – thought relations in impaired populations.

(Pléh Cs., Lukács Á.)

14:45-15:25 Reading and reading related skills in WS.

(Yonata Levy)

15:45-16:25 Conceptual Development in Williams syndrome: living things and artifacts

(Lukács Á.)

16:30-17:10 Experiences from an EU project

(Pogány G.)

17:15-18:00 Living with Williams syndrome

(Romm H.)